Do they look familiar to you?

Now that you don't speak English, you don't work in the desired position, you're ashamed to speak, or you see and sigh. Even though you have tried many times, you are not at the level you want and you think you can't learn anymore.
Do they look familiar to you?
Despite all this, of course it is possible to speak English confidently and fluently in a short time. At Lingua Matik, I will share all the strategies, skills and resources you need and help you use English as you like.


  • You will be able to communicate with the whole world.
  • You will be able to enter your desired position by proving your knowledge of English in the interviews.
  • You'll be able to easily express those great ideas in a business environment or sitting with friends.
  • You can easily be friends with strangers around you.
  • You will be able to travel anywhere fearlessly.
  • When you are shopping abroad, you will be able to get what you want, not talk, not talk!
  • And most importantly, the possibility of Alzheimer's disease will be minimized because you learn another language :) Science says so.

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Jeni, Portugal

Jeni,   “Hello. My name is Jeni Borges, I am Portuguese and I live in Lisbon. I was a student of Merve in Lisbon. It was an amazing experience because she loves her job and does it with great pleasure. Mervé is very inspiring not only in the way she teaches b...

Sevda, Turkey

 “Hello, I am Sevda from Turkey but I have been living in Portugal since I was a child. I studied 40 hours of English with Merve. She is an amazing teacher and she takes her job very seriously. Her attitude was always relaxed and confident which made classes easier to follow. I learned English faster tha...

Jana, Brazil

ingilzice müşteri yorumu  Hello! I am Jana from Brazil. I started to study English with Merve in 2019. I would definitely recommend her classes to everyone! She is awesome! She is friendly and has a good way of teaching! English becomes very easy to learn with her! She has techniques...

Daniel, Brazil

   “Let's talk a little bit about Merve, my English teacher. Most importantly, she is fully proficient at her job. She is always friendly and well prepared in her lessons. She provides lots of extra materials for further studies. Her pronunciation is very clear and her...

Jeni, Brazil

   “Before I started practising English with Merve, I had almost no confidence in my language skills. Gradually, she helped me move forward in our classes and my self-confidence naturally grew up. The best decision I've made was to choose Merve as my guide. She is an a...

Elsa, Indonesia

 “Before I started to study English with Merve, I used to be shy and didn't want to speak in public. I realised later that I changed a lot when I started learning English with Merve. I liked how she taught English to me and my classmates. She improved our confidence a lo...

Carla, Portugal

ingilzice müşteri yorumu  Last year in 2018, I went to a language course at a university in Portugal to improve my English and I was blessed to meet Merve. Since that moment, my life has changed in so many ways...I got more confidence and started to feel better talking in English. ...

Patricia, Portugal

ingilzice müşteri yorumu  I studied English online with Merve. She is a great English teacher! With her I could to learn English much faster. Merve is disciplined, interested and  very motivated to teach. She loves her job and it is very obvious. Her lessons are very different...

Fatih, Turkey

 Hi, I'm Fatih, we met Merve in Sakarya. I was aware of my shortcomings in learning English and she said that she could help with Merve as she was a teacher. I immediately accepted Merve moved to Portugal, we started to study English on Skype. The pressure on me not to speak Engl...

Why Lingua Matik
- From the first week you will start speaking English. (We promise you!)
- Do you want to specialize in different fields? (Tourism, Banking, Restaurant, Law etc.)
- We also offer time-intensive English courses.
- In small classes (2-4 people), you will learn and talk a lot.
- We offer one-to-one tutoring.
- You will learn English at home.
- Your self-confidence is the most important element in your English speaking. We've got it all!
- One-to-one or individual needs for you or your friends on request also arrange group lessons.
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