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Elementary Level English Course

You need this course because:

  • You are a beginner (or you have always been a beginner).
  • Without English,¬†you struggle to speak with others.
  • Many jobs need English. Without it, finding work is difficult.
  • No English, no friends. It's lonely without talking to others.
  • Movies and songs are in English. You can't enjoy them.
  • You¬†can't travel abroad comfortably.
  • Many websites are in English.¬†

English is a key that opens doors, but not an obstacle that closes them. 

 Merve Erçin 

What you get with this course:


  • 30 Days Study Planner
  • All grammar explanations
  • Reading practice
  • Speaking and listening practice
  • Printable booklets for each unit¬†


  • Lifetime access
  • Certificate
  • Movie suggestions
  • Writing homeworks
  • Exercises

Lifetime Access

You have lifetime access to all the courses, so you can study 7/24!

Interactive Education

Our interactive lessons make you speak English from the first lesson.


Finish your course and get your certificate immediately.

Lingua Matik's LAWS Technique

Learning English is easy with LAWS!



You don't have to watch hours of videos to learn English. None of us have that much time anyway. Access all information with short and informative video explanations. When you forget, come back and remember.



Practice! Practice! Practice!

If you do not immediately apply what you have learned, permanent learning will not occur. After each topic, you will have plenty of exercises to test what you have learned.



To start speaking fluently, you need to be a good observer. You will improve your pronunciation with our LAWS technique.



Time to speak! You will start speaking English from the first lesson with our CTV (Crazy Talkin Videos). 

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Top features

  • Lifetime¬†access¬†and¬†Certificate
  • Printable Booklet¬†for each unit
  • All the grammar points you need
  • ¬†Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking exercises
  • Exercise after each lecture
  • Pronunciation training for each unit
  • Speaking¬†practice for each unit
  • Movie or series recommendation in each unit
  • Writing practice in each unit