Test your English with me!

Oct 22, 2023

What is your English level? Do you really know what your English level is? Knowing your correct level of English is very important to create an effective study program.


Since 2020, thousands of our students have taken part in this test that Lingua Matik Language School created. None of my students who have participated so far have had an incorrect result.

As the Lingua Matik team, we have created a very special video for you this week and created a video version of our level determination test. We explained each question in a video and explained the topics you need to study if you made a mistake.

This video is very valuable for testing your English level and determining the subjects you need to improve on. Click on the video below to watch.

Did you know that we have English courses for all levels and you can learn English completely in 2.5 months? We also offer lifelong access to these trainings, so you can go back and refresh your knowledge whenever you want. You can click to review my courses.