15 English Phrases to speak like a native

Oct 22, 2023

15 English Phrases to speak like a native


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1) Outgoing

Meaning 1: Social, open and friendly. Not shy.
Example: Because Jane is outgoing, she made new friends easily at school.

Meaning 2: A person who is about to retire from a high position (e.g. president).
Example: The workers had a big party for the outgoing boss who helped the company a lot.

Meaning 3: Collection of mail to be sent.
Example: Make sure to put letters that need to be sent in the ‘outgoing’ tray.

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2) Do something in no time at all

To complete something very quickly.
Example: After we got the new high-speed printer, we could print the reports in no time at all.

3) Call it a day:

Deciding to end something for now.
Example: After several hours of studying, I decided to call it a day and go for a walk.

4) Don't have a minute to call your own:

Being too busy.
Example: Between her job, taking care of her kids, and going to school, she does n't have a minute to call her own.

5) Off the record:

This is unofficial information that should not be told to everyone.
Example: The new curriculum looks promising. But off the record, I think it's going to be a big challenge to implement effectively.

6) There and then (or then and there):

To do something right then and there.
Example: When the manager heard about the great deal, he made the decision to invest there and then.

7) To go by:

I. Evaluating something based on something you have heard, seen, or read.
Example: You shouldn't go by rumors; It's better to check the facts before making a decision.

ii. To pass (used only for tense).
Example: Ten years went by so fast, and now we are having our high school reunion.

8) At the crack of dawn:

Very early in the morning.
Example: The fishermen get up at the crack of dawn to set out to sea when the fish are most active.

9) To baffle:

To confuse, to confuse.
Example: Math problems really baffle me; I find them so hard to understand.

10) Hardship:

Trouble, difficulty.
Example: The family faced many hardships during the economic recession, struggling to pay bills and buy food.

11) To be in one's element:

To be in the area where he feels most comfortable and is best.
Example: As a passionate chef, John is in his element when he 's experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

12) Work against the clock:

To race against time.
Example: The team of programmers had to work against the clock to fix the bug before the software's launch date.

13) Goes/works/runs like clockwork:

It works like clockwork, everything goes well.
Example: The event was well-organized and everything ran like clockwork, with no delays or issues.

14) Touchy:

Sensitive, easily hurt.
Example: He did n't mean to offend you with his joke, do n't be so touchy.

15) To brush up:

Refreshing and revising your knowledge.
Example: Before traveling to Italy, he decided to brush up on his Italian so that he could communicate with locals.

These words and phrases are used frequently in everyday language, so it's very useful to learn their meanings and how to use them!
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